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I Want to Remember

My dad is always telling me to take pictures, write down phone numbers, keep in touch with people and remember the little things in life. I’ve always rolled my eyes when he says stuff like that. He’s the kind of… Continue Reading →

Miserable Hipsters

I’m not someone who will tell you that “music speaks to me” or “music is the light of my soul.” Don’t get me wrong; I do love music. Some of my best memories are of concerts or jam sessions with… Continue Reading →

Evanston Farmer’s Market

I’m staying in Evanston, IL for over a month while attending a journalism program at Northwestern University this summer, and while the weekdays are jam-packed with endless lectures, assignments and meetings, the weekends are generally super open for everyone. Though… Continue Reading →

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! For the longest time I would use Tumblr as a “blog” (and mostly just reblog pictures I like) but on here I want to post writing I do. I’m at a summer journalism program right now… Continue Reading →

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